Six national versions

The generic model serves as a framework for preparing national TrainerGuide versions, which are adapted to the language and conditions of the individual country.

The national versions deal with issues of specific relevance for each participating country.

The six countries, Denmark, Slovenia, Germany, Finland, Turkey and Netherlands, have cooperated crossnationally, not only on constructing the generic model of the TrainerGuide together, but also supporting each other in the construction of the national versions.

The national guides have been launched during spring 2010:

Click here to access The European version as a generic model in English.

 Synergy effect
Pictures, download tools or pedagogical models come from, for example, Slovenia and are used, for example, in the Finnish TrainerGuide, or vice versa.

For this reason, there was an ongoing process, where materials were exchanged and their adaptability in the partner countries was tested.

This process facilitiated a comparison of and reflection on the professions and educational programmes. The country partners inspired each other, they had benefit from each others' materials and research, and new materials were created during the process.

Because of this synergy effect,  the outcomes of the six countries' work is broader and more profound than would be the case, if each country had only described their own educational programmes and training methods.
 New countries

The generic model of the TrainerGuide, which is in English, is now accessible - check here!

New countries may elaborate their own TrainerGuide version on the basis of this generic model and may use its technical framework.

The copyright for the concept and the content of the generic model is held by the Danish Ministry of Education and the Danish TrainerGuide Association. The rights for new national versions can be delegated to stakeholders in the new countries.

There are certain conditions attached to the delegation of rights. Among other things, it must be ensured that the TrainerGuide will remain freely accessible for trainers (= endusers). The TrainerGuide in itself must not become commercialised.

The national versions of the TrainerGuide are connected with each other through a technical framework - a custom management system, administrated from Denmark with updates and service. The system has many facilities and functions, and many of them are not even yet activated.

Contact the Danish TrainerGuide Association for further information:


June 2010: You are welcome to test-run the new TrainerGuide, click here for questionnaire!

Access the European TrainerGuide here. Freely available and in English:

  • Examples from practise
  • Companies' own best materials
  • Links to official education materials
  • A wide range of templates - download and adapt!

Check country versions!

The TrainerGuide is described as part of a CEDEFOP-study, published in April 2010.  Click here to download "Professional development opportunities for in-company trainers".